Monday, February 25, 2013

Frosty mornings

It's been super cold for San Diego, with water temps ranging from 51-54 its time to busy out the hooded all 3mm. I've also been living in my Poler nap sack. At least we've had fun surf to make up for it

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Kevin with "thebirdsandthebeards " has been ripping on his Old Harbor 5'4 double ender quad. Check out his blog

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013


Big ups to guys over at Matuse Wetsuits. They pump out some of the most amazing rubber in the industry!
This past weekend I traveled up North to catch this little NW that rolled in and was so toasty in my new all 3mm tumo with the hood attached. The water was around 53 degrees and with a long period swell, you know how that can be. Getting cramped up cause you're sitting on your ass in bone chilling water, but that wasn't my case with this suit.
Keep up the good work Matuse!
If you haven't tried these suits yet I HIGHLY recommend you jumping in one. They fit like a glove and keep you super warm while being amazingly flexible. They also have other killer goods for sale on their site. Check em out @.....

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Trippin on the road

My brother and I took off on a little road trip up north and camped out in the van.
We stopped by to see what our good buddy Mason (dyer brand surfboards) has been up to, and he loaded us up with knowledge and some amazing gear. Check out his boards and clothing line at
Over all we had amazing 4-6' peeling right handers, good beer, food, and lots of laughs!
Here's a couple pics from the trip. More to come.....

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