Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Just took a 5 day trip to Oahu to visit family and friends. Had an amazing time even though we didn't get much surf, but how can you complain when it's 75-80 degrees and the waters the same?!!!

Was so stoked to meet up with my buddy Jensen from HRDLCK clothing. If you're ever looking for some killer local HI gear check em out!

Also meet up at Aloha Board shop where they have the most amazing collection of vintage Aipa's and other Hawaiian shaped boards. Be sure to hit them up while in Waikiki.

All in all, we drank tons if beer, are the most amazing food, and had tons of laughs and good times! \m/

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6'4 2+1

4'7 quad single bump swallow

6' quad "big flea"

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